There were a few rust bubbles in the usual places but fortunately I'm friendly with a local body-shop.

It's actually a Mercedes-Benz dealership and I supported their computer systems for many years until my employer quit the market. I became redundant and the dealer had nobody to fix their computer problems. so I continued to offer them support on an ad-hoc basis.

I enquired about body repairs and they asked me to bring her round for an estimate.


 She turned a few heads when I arrived and soon attracted a crowd of Mercedes and TVR mechanics, who proclaimed her the “best car on the car park”. I looked around and saw all manner of Germany’s finest engineering so this was praise indeed.

They even asked for a smell inside!


I waited a few days for the quote and one of the directors rang with a proposition. They would do what ever was needed on the body in return for me continuing to look after their software.

This was a perfect arrangement; I used my skills in return for theirs.


Betsy was with them for a five long weeks, but the results were worth it as she came home in showroom condition.

 Following a very enjoyable summer of motoring she rested over winter, back at the dealership for some more work. This time it was serious - she needed new sills, front cross member, spring holders and brakes overhauling.


This turned into an epic saga. I was in no rush to get her back over winter, so told the garage to take their time. Unfortunately they ran into their own problems and went into receivership - the day after they'd stripped her down!

I had a fraught few weeks making sure that she was put back together and roadworthy before they closed down.

I finally got her back at the beginning of  March 2006, four months after first taking her in!


There were still some jobs to do before the MOT - New Steering Idler, Anti-Roll Bushes and I decided to change all 4 tyres due to age-cracks forming in the rubber.

Happily she sailed through the MOT with no problems.