Disc Updates

This page is for the exclusive use of people who have purchased my CD-ROM or DVD's

The following files are updates to my CD-ROM.

The files are in Adobe PDF format and if you do not already have the reader program, you can download from here - http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html


To download a file right-click on the name and select SAVE AS to store on your PC.
(If you left-click the name it will open up in your Web Browser) 

The files are typically 5mb in size, so please allow time to download. 

8th July 2006 Popular Classics Oct 1990

24th July 2006 Practical Motorist April 1965

25th November  2006 Classic Car Mechanic 1988 (5.6mb)

1st January 2007 Popular Motoring Jan 1974 (7 mb)

2nd October 20007 Around Australia in 9 Days  (8 mb)

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 This video was taken from a DVD that I have.
The disc contains 5 films, all made by BMC in the 1960's
There's over 2 hours of pure motoring nostalgia.
If you'd like a copy then please email me:  eddie@morrisoxford.com