BMC Factory Films

The following are samples from a great DVD

BMC - The Factory Films

It contains three BMC Factory Films from the early 1960's, and is full of great shots of Oxfords, Cambridges, Wolseleys and other BMC cars being assembled and tested.

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The Markets of the World (1961)
- a beautifully made film looking at the production of the many different vehicles in the factories of BMC, and how by 1961 it had become Britain's biggest single exporter. MGs, Austin Healey sports cars and other BMC vehicles are seen being loaded onto ships for export all over the world.

BMC Factory Films - Quality (1962)
- a film made to counter the criticism of the quality of some BMC products.
There's some great shots of Oxfords & Cambridges being tested in the Welsh hills, through dust machines and frozen for 3 days. (Can you guess if it starts first time!)


BMC Factory Films - The British Motor Car (1963)
a historic overview of how BMC was formed and a biography of William Morris.