Baubles and Bolt-Ons

If you have any accessories, upgrades or products that you'd like to share, then please drop me an email from the CONTACTS page.

Bluetooth Visor Speaker Phone

Occasionally, even Farina drivers need to give a nod towards the 21st centuary.
We've all got mobile phones and the penalties for holding them whilst driving are about to get steeper (3 points + £60)
This gadget clips to your sun visor and is rechargable - so no wires (particularly handy if you're +'ve earth and have no cigar lighter!)
You'll need a Bluetooth enabled phone - which most modern ones are. Your phone stays in your pocket and you can set the speaker phone to automatically answer calls and even voice dial!

I got mine from  Full retail price is around £50, but they do occasionally have them on Special Offer @ £35

Wheelskins Leather Steering Glove

My original leather wheel cover was getting worn, so I looked around for a replacement. Most of the ones I found were plain black and "universal" fitting.
I eventually found a company in the States who made covers in specific sizes and colours. Taking advantage of a good exchange rate it cost £22 and was delivered in 7 days.
There's comprehensive fitting instructions and it comes with a needle and cord to lace it up. (Allow 1-2 hours for the job!)
Click on the picture for a closer look.
The shop can be found here -
Just pick any cover for any car, then choose size B for Farinas and your colour selection.


Custom Embroidery

One annoyance I had with Betsy's interior, was a hole in the carpet over the transmission tunnel. I tried patching but it was too visible. I had an idea that an embroidered badge, with the Oxford logo, would cover the hole and also give the appearance of custom carpets!
It took a while to find a supplier who could do this for me and eventually I found Katya Embroidery who had a classic car fan working for them and were pleased to help.
The result was just what I wanted and with the help of double-sided carpet tape the job was done!
You can find Katya, and see their wonderful range of products, @


 Indoor Car Cover
I like to keep Betsy's paint in good condition. She's always garaged but I still get the problems of dust in the summer and condensation in the winter, particularly if she's not been driven for a few days.
I tried the usual combination of old curtains, dust sheets, plastic sheets etc. But each had their own problems, so I decided to invest in a proper car cover. Hamilton Classic sell an indoor cover made of Softex, with a breathable cotten inner lining to prevent condensation. It's elasticated at the front and back which helps it to hook on the bumpers for a snug fit.
You get a choice of colours and it comes in a storage bag made of the same material - all for £88 and delivered in 48 hours.
Size "D" fits the Oxford & Cambridge.
Click here for more information -

Spin-On Oil Filter Conversion
John Evans recently upgraded his oil filter
Click Here to learn more ...