Bangladesh Restoration

If you would like to help Nadeem with parts for this car, please email at the address below.

This  Morris Oxford is actually sitting in Bangladesh and was my dads brothers car, who recently passed away.
My father and I regularly go out to Bangladesh and so far have taken parts in our suitcases.
My dad does get some strange looks especially with the kind of security and perception of different race and religions at airports but once they look inside the bag and my dad explains to them, a smile appears on their faces.


 Luckily in Bangladesh there are skilled mechanics who can restore mostly anything without origninal parts. We have bought the main original engine components from the UK and the engine starts up straight away. Now all we have left to do is the gear box and aesthetics.

My father has found people who are currently working on the body and has made custom made seats.
I will not be going to Bangladesh for a while now but my father is going back in 2-3 weeks time.

He travels frequently from Bangladesh to the UK as my mother and I live here. We are situated in between Ashford and Dover in Kent.





Latest pictures from the restoration (click on the picture to enlarge).